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way like, something like that by injection inside, knocks minute, inside cleaning, disinfectant knocks

Nadler presses Barr over Trump using emergency powers during pandemic

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, pressed Attorney General Barr about emergency powers President Trump has said he could use during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox's Cavuto calls Trump's remarks on disinfectant 'unsettling'

Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto on Friday called President Trump's comments on disinfectant injections possibly treating coronavirus "unsettling," and recommended that the president clearly come out and say that ingesting disinfectants is a bad idea.

White House stages short briefing after outcry over disinfectant remarks

President Trump and his coronavirus task force held an unusually short briefing on Friday following blowback over Trump’s comments the previous day suggesting that doctors should study whether light or disinfect

Aides and allies making concerted effort to get Trump to stop doing daily briefings

There has been a concerted effort among aides and allies to get President Donald Trump to stop conducting the daily coronavirus briefings, multiple sources tell CNN.

Lysol Gets Rid Of Coronavirus And Trump At Daily Briefings

After the injecting bleach debacle, Trump has decided to scale back his appearances at the coronavirus briefings.

Trump Claims He Was 'Sarcastically' Pitching Disinfectant As COVID-19 Cure

The president is insisting he just wanted to "see what would happen" if he made the suggestion about how to treat coronavirus.

Maryland Emergency Hotline Flooded With Calls About Fake Disinfectant Cures

More than 100 people called the state's Emergency Management Agency after President Donald Trump asked if disinfectant could treat COVID-19.

From Bleach To Warm Weather: Trump's Dangerous Coronavirus 'Cures'

The president continues to push scientifically unsound quick fixes to the coronavirus.

After backlash that his disinfectant 'injection' idea could be deadly, Trump claims he was being 'sarcastic'

The White House responded Friday to backlash over President Donald Trump suggesting an "injection" of disinfectant might be possible treatments against COVID-19.

Trump Holds Short Briefing After Disinfectant Claim, Takes No Questions

The president took no questions from the press a day after he suggested injecting people with disinfectant to fight off the coronavirus.

Trump’s Suggestion That Disinfectants Could Be Used to Treat Coronavirus Prompts Aggressive Pushback

Responding to the criticism from public health officials around the country, the president said he was playing a trick on reporters.

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