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special election, general election, ohio’s 12 congressional district, republican troy balderson, close call

Live results for the Washington primary elections

Three important House races have primary elections on Tuesday night.

Live results for the 2018 Michigan primary elections

Democratic and Republican primaries for key governor, Senate and House elections are being held on Tuesday.

Live results for the Kansas primary elections

Kris Kobach is challenging incumbent Jeff Colyer in the GOP primary for governor.

Live results for the Missouri primary elections

Nominees will be chosen in Missouri’s US Senate race and a key House race. Voters will also decide a statewide ballot initiative.

Ohio Special Election For U.S. House Seat Is Too Close To Call

Republican Troy Balderson is ahead in the 12th District, but the race has not been officially called.

Women Break New Records In 2018 Primaries

There are record numbers of women running for the U.S. House and governor seats as major party nominees this year.

Ohio Special Election Too Close to Call, as Republican Holds Slim Lead

Despite millions of dollars in advertising and interventions from President Trump and Vice President Pence, the Republican candidate had a razor-thin lead over a little-known Democrat.

In Ohio Election, Republicans Test a Midterm Rescue Plan: Polarization

An Ohio congressional special election has revealed the strategy Republicans will use to keep power in the House — or to ensure that Democrats win only a small majority.

Whitmer and Schuette Win Michigan Governor’s Nominations

John James, who received President Trump’s backing, won the Republican nomination for Senate as the president’s looming presence continued to influence the midterms.

Democratic Party’s liberal insurgency hits a wall in Midwest primaries

Six weeks after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez toppled a powerful incumbent in New York, the left wing suffered big defeats.

Progressive outsider falls short to establishment favorite in Michigan governor Democratic primary

Progressive outsider Abdul El-Sayed's bid for governor in Michigan fell short tonight, CNN projects, as the establishment favorite, former state senate minority leader Gretchen Whitmer, nabbed the

Trump-backed candidates in Ohio and Kansas locked in tight races

Two candidates endorsed by President Donald Trump are locked in tight races, with votes from Tuesday's elections still left to count.

Democrat's fiancée: Don't call me a Democrat - CNN Video

Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor, running in Ohio's 12th District, needs to win over Republican moderates to win - voters like his fiancee.

Trump takes credit for Ohio special election win, but race remains too close to call

Republican Troy Balderson leads narrowly over Democrat Danny O'Connor, but even with Balderson and President Donald Trump claiming victory, the race is too close to call.

Michigan heavyweights to face off for governor in November

Two well-funded and high-profile contenders will battle for the right to replace term-limited Michigan Gov.

McCaskill, Hawley cruise to victory in Missouri primaries

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) and state Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) coasted to victory in their respective primaries in Missouri on Tuesday night, setting up a contentious battle for McCaskill's S

Kansas GOP governor primary too close to call; Kobach, Colyer send supporters home

Hours after the polls closed in Kansas Tuesday night, the state was still awaiting the results of the GOP primary nomination in the heated race between Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and inc

Trump-backed Troy Balderson takes narrow lead against insurgent Dem challenger in Ohio House special election, claims victory

Polls have closed in several key state races, including a tightly contested Ohio special election widely seen as a referendum on President Trump and Republicans' legislative agenda ahead of the mid

McCaskill, Hawley easily win Missouri primaries to set up key Senate showdown

Missouri's Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley were projected to easily defeat their primary opponents Tuesday night to set up a key race in the battle for

Republican Troy Balderson Has The Edge On Democratic Opponent In Ohio Congressional Special Election That’s Too Close To Call

Republican Troy Balderson won Ohio’s 12th Congressional District special election Tuesday evening, barely defeating Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor.

Ohio Special Election: Democrat Turnout 87% of 2016 Total -- GOP Turnout Only 40% of 2016 Total

Voters in Ohio’s 12th district chose a replacement for the former Republican Representative Pat Tiberi in a special election on Tuesday. Republican Troy Balderson ran against Democrat Danny O’Conno

Ohio District 12 Special Election Results: Republican Troy Balderson Defeats Democrat Danny O'Connor by

Voters in Ohio’s 12th district are choosing a replacement for the former Republican Representative Pat Tiberi in a special election on Tuesday. Republican Troy Balderson is taking on Democrat Danny

Trump Should Be Terrified After GOP Barely Survives In District He Won By Double Digits

Trump and the Republican Party should be deeply concerned about the fact that they can't even coast to victory in their own territory.

Live results for the Ohio 12th special election

Danny O’Connor vs. Troy Balderson in 2018’s next big special House election.

Ohio special election and primary results come in: Live updates

Voters are casting their ballots for a special election in Ohio, and primaries are underway in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington state. Follow here for the latest.

Ohio special election too close to call, GOP claims victory; Primary results come in

Four state's hold primaries Tuesday, and an Ohio special election marks the last time Democrats and Republicans will face off directly until November.

Trump claims victory as Balderson holds on to slim lead in Ohio

President Trump and Republican state Sen.

***Live Updates*** Balderson-O’Connor OH-12 Race Headlines Contests in Five States

Live updates from Tuesday's elections in Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Washington, and Missouri. | Politics

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