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special counsel robert mueller, trump against firing special counsel robert, former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, march 18, 2018, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein

Jeff Sessions may have violated his recusal pledge when he fired Andrew McCabe

Making the Justice Department inspector general’s report public would help clear things up.

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Lindsey Graham Warns Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be ‘Beginning Of The End’

The senator’s Republican colleagues, however, were not nearly as forceful in their responses to questions on the same topic.

White House Lawyer Insists Trump Isn't Considering Firing Mueller

Republican lawmakers have insisted that Trump let the special counsel to do his job.

Sen. Van Hollen: Trump “acting very guilty”

In an interview with NBC’s Kasie Hunt, Sen. Chris Van Hollen compares President Trump’s actions – from lashing out at Special Counsel Robert Mueller to firing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCa

Republicans to Trump: Leave Mueller alone

Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted directly about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, just days after his personal lawyer called for an end to Mueller’s investigation. On Kasie DC, Kasie Hunt an

Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes From Republicans

While President Trump had largely sought to avoid alienating the special counsel in recent months, he has shifted his tone in the past two days.

Newly Emboldened, Trump Says What He Really Feels

Ignoring the advice of aides over how to deal with the special counsel was the decision of a president who ultimately trusts only his own instincts.

How Top Republicans Reacted, or Didn’t, to Trump’s Tweets on Mueller

Some leading Republicans warned the president against firing the special counsel, but many had no response.

Analysis | Trump just accused Comey of lying under oath. (He misquoted ‘Fox & Friends’ to do it.)

Trump mangled a senator's question to the fired FBI director to claim that Comey had committed a crime.

Republicans warn Trump: Leave Mueller alone

Key Republicans on Sunday warned President Donald Trump not to interfere with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump sure looks like he is planning to fire Robert Mueller

If President Donald Trump isn't planning to fire special counsel Bob Mueller, he sure is doing a good job of faking it.

Graham vows to protect Mueller probe

Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a stern warning Sunday to President Donald Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump keeps up attacks on Mueller, McCabe, Comey

President Donald Trump started his Sunday morning by lashing out at special counsel Robert Mueller's team, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and former FBI Director James Comey.

'The president is not going to fire him,' says Senate Republican of special counsel Mueller

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White House assures Trump 'is not considering or discussing' firing Mueller

The White House on Sunday moved to quell speculation that President Trump is considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller after Trump spent the weekend lambasting the federal probe into allege

Trump unrestrained in latest attacks of Mueller probe

President Trump unleashed on special counsel Robert Mueller over the weekend, signaling a shift in his criticism of the Justice Department probe into Russian interference in the presidential electi

Helicopter carrying Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner safely returns to airport after experiencing engine failure

A helicopter carrying Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had to return to the airport Thursday after experiencing engine failure.

Trump's lawyer tries to calm fears that he will fire Robert Mueller: 'The president is not considering' firing special counsel

President Trump’s attorney tried to reassure the public that President trump is not considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller after a day of speculation brought on by a different member of

Mike Conaway misspoke when he said House Intel committee wasn't tasked with looking into collusion between Trump and Russia: Spokeswoman

A spokeswoman for Rep. Mike Conaway said he misspoke Sunday morning when he said the House Intelligence Committee was not tasked with investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and

Trump attorney denies president is considering firing Mueller

An attorney for President Trump said Sunday evening that the president "is not considering or discussing" firing special counsel Robert Mueller after Trump fired off a series of tweets criticizing

James Comey’s Book Rockets To Number One Spot, But Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett Just Took The Wind Out Of His Sails

"Looking forward to his work of fiction with the pretentious, self-righteous title."

Kim DotCom Warns President Trump to Strike Back Against Mueller - DECLASSIFY THEIR CRIMES or Be Destroyed

Kim DotCom spoke out against the Deep State in a rare interview this week. The YouTube video is going viral and was promoted by Julian Assange. This is an excellent, popular video on the deep state

FIGURES. Marco Rubio Defends McCabe - Trashes Trump Over McCabe Firing (VIDEO)

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) came to fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s defense and trashed President Trump Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Rubio if McCabe was treated

Trump rails against Mueller investigation, dismisses McCabe’s notes as ‘Fake Memos’

The president has fired off tweets attacking the special counsel’s expanding Russia investigation.

As Trump lashes out at Mueller, Congress at standstill on shielding special counsel

While some Republicans issued sharp warnings Sunday to President Donald Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller, recent efforts in Congress to protect the special counsel have stalled.

On danger that Trump could fire Mueller, Congress needs to speak up, 'don’t wait for crisis': Leading Democrat

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Sunday that congressional members need to “speak out” now about the importance of the special counsel’s Russia investigation, before there’

McCabe Just Made Life Tough for Comey and Mueller | RealClearPolitics

McCabe Just Made Life Tough for Comey and Mueller | RealClearPolitics

Eric Holder Sends Ominous Warning to Deep State DOJ and FBI Officials 'Be Prepared It's Going to Get Worse'

Former Attorney General Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder sent an ominous message to Deep State DOJ and FBI officials on Sunday. Eric Holder isn’t taking the news of McCabe’s firing well. He knows he’

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