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April 16 Archive

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Virginia Tech Shootings Full Coverage on Yahoo! News

Enlarge Photo AP Va. gov. meets with VT victims' families AP - Sun Jun 24, 2:02 AM ET RICHMOND, Va. - Gov. Timothy M. Kaine met Saturday for two hours with relatives of those killed at Virginia Te

Virginia Tech shootings -

An undated photo released by Virginia State Police shows Seung-Hui Cho. Virginia State Police via AP CAPTION news | | Comment | Recommend Panel gets Cho mental-health filesBy Kevin Johnson, USA TOD

Massacre at Virginia Tech: - Special Reports from

INTERACTIVE: What happened when AUDIO SLIDE SHOW: 'Remember 4-16-07' THE TRAGEDY During the early morning hours of April 16, a gunman went on a rampage on the Virginia Tech campus. By the time he w

The Shooting Victims - Virginia Tech Massacre - TIME

Talk Back: Virginia Tech Massacre As TIME remembers the brave and the innocent of the Virginia Tech tragedy, we especially want to hear your thoughts about the students and staff that su

33 dead in Va. Tech shootings -

TRAGEDY AT VIRGINIA TECHGraphic: What happened in Norris Hall | Timeline | Cell video | Danger of semi-automaticsMassacre: Deadliest campus shooting leaves 33 deadVictims: Lives full of promise, wi

Virginia Tech gunman 'worked alone' - General - News -

The death of Ryan Clark, a twin from Martinez in Georgia, was confirmed by Columbia County Coroner Vernon Collins to the Augusta Chronicle. The coroner said Ryan's family, including his brother, ha

BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Virginia shootings

'This is very scary' Eyewitness reports e-mailed to the BBC from Virginia Tech university. In quo

Virginia Tech campus shooting -

Tragedy in Virginia Latest coverage Report: Va. Tech officials could have saved lives Virginia Tech officials could have saved lives if they had quickly issued a campuswide warning that two student

The Virginia Tech Shootings: Investigations -

Virginia Tech shooting coverage Photo by Eric Brady | The Roanoke Times Tom Ridge (left) and Gerald Massengill participate in the first public meeting of Gov. Kaine's Independent Virginia Tech Inci

Gunman in Virginia Tech shooting was S. Korean | Reuters

BLACKSBURG, Virginia (Reuters) - The gunman who killed 32 people and then himself at Virginia Tech university on Monday was identified by police on Tuesday as Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean studying

Virginia Tech massacre - Encyclopedia Dramatica

From Encyclopedia Dramatica Jump to: navigation, search Contents 1 GUN CONTROL!!!1/11 2 Accurate Account of Events 3 Impending Racism 4 God Hates Virginia 5 The Killer 6 Cho: Pl

For the world press, the Virginia Tech massacre is a local story. - By Anne Applebaum - Slate Magazine

The British and Polish press put the story on their front pages. The Russian newspaper Izvestiya conducted an Internet poll asking why "mass murders take place in schools and universities in Americ

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